Lost an Max Stat Item or Trophies? Read before you post!

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Lost an Max Stat Item or Trophies? Read before you post!

Post  Yeti on Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:29 pm

If you've lost an MSI (Max Stat Item) or trophy the only way to get it back is if you tell a GM your account information, which includes UserID and Password.
You do not have to provide any screenshots because it proves us nothing.

You should do the following in order:
1. Message a GM in game if you lost an MSI/trophy by @gm or smega.
2. Then give them your UserID and password then log out for a few minutes.
3. If a GM is not available in game then you my post a thread here to set up a time to meet up.
4. Once you meet up, you obviously do step 2.

It's pretty simple. This is to let you know that we will be going on your account but no worries, we're GMs, we won't SCAM you. If you think something bad happened, you can contact Will through a PM or go to the Complaints About GMs Section.

To avoid scams please type: @willmsstaff to check out the list of the WillMS GMs first!

Thank you for reading and remember the Forum Rules.


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